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Congratulations to Dr Manoj Kumar Sarkar, IFS for a graceful retirement as additional principal chief conservator of forest, Tamil Nadu, India

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Dr Manoj Kumar Sarkar - Biodiversity Governance

Dr Manoj Kumar Sarkar, I.F.S. Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Tamil Nadu

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sarkar IFS, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Tamil Nadu made valuable contribution in forestry by putting 28 years of unblemished dedicated service. In addition to his day to day service in forestry Dr. Sarkar has put 60 scientific / popular articles, important books, Management plans as his personal contribution in forestry to create awareness among common people, policymakers, environment lovers etc.

From the list of publications, the contribution of the nominee for the distinguished UWA EFFULGENT STAR OF THE DECADE AWARD 2014-15 in his area of specialization for enrichment of economic, educational and social landscape of our country could be observed. Further, the latest two books namely “Management Strategies for Endemic and Threatened Medicinal plants in India- A Geoinformatic Approach”  with special reference to Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Southern Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India (594 pages published by the Department of Environment, Government of Tamil Nadu) and its updated and its abridged version namely “Biodiversity Governance for Managing Endemic and Threatened Medicinal plants in India- A Geoinformatic Approach” (198 pages, published by the National Biodiversity Authority, Government of India) is considered as special claim to secure UWA Award.

These documents tread in a multidisciplinary path incorporating and synthesizing information from a variety of interrelated subjects like biodiversity with taxonomy and ecological input, geoinformatics, phytochemistry, public policy and management to serve as a reference point for the endemic and threatened medicinal plants, whilst endeavoring to provide a road map for conservation of plants.

Finally, these books are intended to reach the users involved in the field, policy makers of the country and also the elites who convert the broad policy into practical steps to implement these in field. Be it conservation of medicinal plants, biodiversity, or eco development, or even application of advance technology in decision making and planning by geo informatics, there is lack of written document in the form of a authentic handbook to provide field- based information to the practitioners who toil in the field to undertake protection and conservation measures of imperiled plants in particular and flora in general.

Dr. Sarkar has attempted to fill up this gap with his earnest efforts of a decade by offering these documents as service to the Nation in free of cost in bringing some positive change in the system in protecting the imperiled plants and thereby in serving the people of this country.

To sum up, the BioGov initiative on the Governance of Biodiversity in India taken by Dr Manoj Kumar Sarkar was recognized by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which is the world Authority on Biodiversity Conservation.

Congratulations to Dr M. K. Sarkar for his life time contributions in the service of Mother Nature. Your vision shown us the way, and we will always follow your path. Happy retirement Dr Manoj Kumar Sarkar, I.F.S.

Sincerely Always,

Dr Sunil Kumar Verma CCMB

[Sunil Kumar Verma]


Link: Brief biography of Manoj Kumar Sarkar

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