March 21 is declared as the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF FORESTS

Chapter 6: Recommendations and Action Plan

6.1.  Introduction

The  details  of   MP  resources  and  their  depletion  trends  are  already explained  under  the  ‘Background  and  Context’.  However,  the  present  utility and conservation status of  MPs within the country is illustrated in Figure – 6.1. It indicates that only a tiny portion about 25% (cultivation practices of  a small number of  MPs, only about 15%) is within the purview of  human knowledge in  ethno botanic  use  and  substitutable  while  more  than  75%  potential  value  of biodiversity resources are yet to be studied and  not substitutable and in between these two remains the transition zone which can be partially substituted. Meanwhile, more  than  1000  plants  are  recorded  in  the  threatened  list  of   medicinal  plants (Kerry et al., 1998)

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